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Current Gear Ratio Being Used In The Car (See Ratio Chart) What you will get from the formula is a new gear ratio to put into the car to achieve the RPM's that you desire. RPM Wanted ÷ RPM Ran x Gear Ratio Ran = New Gear Ratio Desired. Example: 5480 ÷ 5220 x 4.97 = 5.22; RPM Wanted: 5480; RPM Ran: 5220; Current Ratio In Car: 4.97.

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May 03, 2012 · Shorter tires require a higher gearing to travel the same distance as a taller tire, so as tire sizes got smaller and engines produced more power, the gear ratios tended to get higher. That is why for instance an MGB with 14″ wheels was fitted with a 3.90 gear ratio and the earlier MGA with 15″ wheels had a lower gear ratio.

NC Chassis size chart: That is the minimum height you need for QMA rules, must have at least one inch of head room clearance from the roll bars. As a rule of thumb, you would like the overhaul size of your car to be proportionate to the size of your driver.