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Crystal-Fit Watch Repair: Crystal Replacement can vintage watch crystals be replaced

Plastic crystals are the most flexible of all the watch crystals, and therefore are used in a wide range of watches. Glass crystals are also common in watches. The wonderful thing about plastic and glass crystals is the fact that they can be custom cut, shaped, or trimmed to fit different watch cases.

In this how to we will be discussing how to replace a watch crystal, or change a watch crystal, specifically the standard acrylic plastic domed crystal.This is by far the most popular Types of Watch Crystals you will find on old or vintage watches, including pocket watch crystals, which are severely scratched and need to be replaced. This is NOT the same as a Sapphire Watch Crystal Replacement.

Jun 16, 2014 · How to Replace a Watch Crystal Esslinger Staff June 16, 2014 Watch Repair Watch Repair Guides The watch crystal is the clear plastic or glass portion of your watch that protects the watch dial from dust and other kinds of damage while being worn and allows you to tell the time without having x-ray vision.

Shaped (Vintage) An 18K Patek Philippe ladies watch was sent due to a cracked crystal. A modern quartz sports watch was sent with part of the crystal broken out. A vintage mens Wittnauer watch was sent that had a cystal which was severely scuffed and scratched. An appropriately sized glass crystal was selected to replace the cracked one.

We can replace MOST (but not all) vintage pocket watch crystals. In order to replace a missing crystal, the watch's bezel must be present. If the bezel is missing, there's no way to install a new crystal (for more info on cystals and bezels, read here).