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In LyX, I added \usepackage{amsmath} to Document -> Settings -> LaTeX Preamble. Then instead of using array environment, which generates. I change to aligned environment, which generates a much better looking equation array and spacing. There are other discussions on the left alignments that seem very complicated.

Nov 11, 2011 · LaTeX forum ⇒ Text Formatting ⇒ Vertical Spacing in 'array' or 'tabular' Environment. Is there a way to control vertical spacing in a array environment other than using \\? for example \par\smallskip (or \medskip or \bigskip)? Last edited by ghostanime2001 on Fri Nov 11.

TeX - LaTeX Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for users of TeX, LaTeX, ConTeXt, and related typesetting systems. Vertical spacing between fractions in matrix environment [duplicate] Ask Question Asked 7 years, Vertical Spacing within align environment accounting for fractions. 4.

Producing White Space in LaTeX. To produce (horizontal) blank space within a paragraph, use \hspace, followed by the length of the blank space enclosed within braces.The length of the skip should be expressed in a unit recognized by LaTeX.

Distance between array rows. Ask Question Asked 6 years, 1 month ago. However, the vertical spacing between the equations is much greater that the line spacing in the text, and is eating too much space on the paper. Is there a way to reduce the vertical spacing? LaTeX Stack Exchange!