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May 23, 2015 · Trunks put Goten down on the floor on his belly, then placing his foot on Goten’s butt, he pinned Goten down while he turned on the water and added bubble soap. Goten squirmed and struggled under Trunks’ foot, but it was hopeless, Trunks merely pushed his foot down harder on Goten’s butt, pressing Goten’s penis harder against the cold Author: Goten Boner.

Teen Goten, Young Goten, or Adult Goten; we have them all in sexy Yaoi, Gay, and Shota forms! Related Pages: Character Home Goku Gohan Porn Contact us Changelog Kakavege Week.

Nov 08, 2013 · Warning! Contains Shota Fanfiction of DBZ characters. 18+ only!! Pairing: Kid Trunks and Kid Goten Notes: Supernatural objects, human growth and shrinkage, sex Goten was in the supermarket with his good buddy Trunks, looking for toys and food to take home. Eight-year-old Trunks was consulting his list while Goten browsed the shelves, sneaking sweets into [ ]Author: Goten Boner.

Jul 23, 2014 · Dragon Ball Z: Kid Gotenks vs. Adult Gotenks Some fans consider the Gotenks seen in the Majin Buu arc to be more powerful than a Gotenks formed through the fusion of an adult Goten and Trunks. This is because Goten and Trunks slacked off in their training after Kid Buu was killed with the Super Spirit Bomb.

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