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Vaginal Fissures & Abrasions: Healing, Home Treatment, & Natural Remedies abrasion on the vagina

A vaginal abrasion can take place at any time without warning and from anything; bleeding may not be experienced, but the wound certainly takes time to heal. This is because just like the name suggests, vaginal abrasions occur in the vagina which is a very sheltered part of the body.

Jan 19, 2011 · Physical injury due to scratching of vagina: Intolerable itching in vagina leads to irresistible scratching. Often, the mucus membrane of the vagina may get hurt with finger nails resulting in an abrasion. When the vaginal mucosa is thin: Hormonal changes and imbalance during and after menopause may lead to thin vaginal mucus membrane. A slight.

The more popular suggestions for dealing with an abrasion that is located on the vagina is to dab a little coconut oil to the affected area. It is said that the coconut oil will remove the discomfort, moisturize the skin, and work on removing the abrasion within a matter of days.3/5(6).

Dec 11, 2015 · An abrasion is basically a scraped area on the mucus membrane of vagina that is definitely not a pleasant thing to go through. Lack of lubrication can result in friction or irritation on the skin, thus causing a minor injury. An abrasion can happen at Author: Catherine Taylor.

Patient's Query. Hello doctor, There is a purplish red abrasion on my vagina, which is the size of a small coin and it is really swollen.It stings when I urinate and is generally uncomfortable. I have not been sexually active for over a month, but I have had an infection for the past few days.Author: Dr. Nagaraj Patil.