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Gay Group Trip: Nude Sailing Split, Hvar, Dubrovnik. From 8 days - From £1495 Next departure: 4th July 2020 Saturday. Travel around picturesque Croatia on this gay group trip .

Croatia isn't a gay utopia yet but it has been making great strides. With Croatia being rated fifth in LGBT rights out of 49 observed European countries by the ILGA (International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association), it makes this land an amazing place to take in sun and history.

Croatia legalized homosexuality in 1977. While the LGBT community can't marry, and homosexuality remains generally frowned upon, common-law marriage rights are given to same-sex couples who have lived together for over three years.

Gay Croatia. Croatia is a very upcoming holiday destination. The cities on the coast of the Adriatic Sea are a very popular beach destination. Cities. Dubrovnik. 5 gay events, bars, clubs, parties, saunas etc listed on Nighttours - 110 hotels. visit Dubrovnik. Hvar Island. 275 hotels.

Jan 13, 2018 · Famous in Croatia and winner of many awards, we tried three different cakes from their range and each was sensational. Don’t miss this absolute treat. Gay Factor We found no gay bars in the old town which was somewhat disappointing as there are hundreds of bars in Split and thousands of tourists and, by our calculations, some must be gay.