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Alcohol may also change the flavor of your breast milk, causing your baby to breastfeed less. If your child breastfeeds less often, you will not make as much breast milk. Not only can it decrease your breast milk supply, but excess alcohol can affect your ability to tend to your child's needs.

Why I said, 'may', but not 'definitely'? This is because every mom has different breast milk storage capacity, that is the amount of milk that can be stored inside your breast.. Example: Mom A used to pump 3x at work and could collect up to 600 ml (so around 200 ml in each session).. Then she dropped her session into twice at work, but still managed to get 600 ml consistently.Author: Rina.

What could be happening? Clarke lists some of the common — and normal — changes that can sometimes be interpreted as a decrease in milk: Mothers often feel that once their breasts are not engorged, or when they stop leaking milk between feedings, their milk supply has gone down.

What to Do When Your Period Reduces Your Milk Supply. Aside from the hassle of having your period, one thing that many women struggle with is the drop in breast milk supply that can occur at this time – it can be really stressful when your period reduces your milk supply. I didn’t make this decrease all I once, I did it over 2.

Jul 16, 2019 · The most common cause of low breast milk supply is a poor latch. If your baby is not latching on to your breast the right way, he can't get the milk out of your breasts very well. The removal of your breast milk from your breasts is what tells your body to make more breast milk.