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Breast Hypertrophy. Breast reduction surgery is a common solution for problems caused by breast hypertrophy, or the medical term for large, ptotic (drooping) breasts. This can affect women of all ages and can occur even among those in good physical shape.

The symptoms of breast hypertrophy often bring women to my office for a breast reduction surgery. The main symptoms include: back pain, neck strain, grooving along the shoulder blades from the pressure of the brassiere, ulnar neuropathy (numbness along the medial hand, and arm), rashes or dermatitis underneath the fold.

Breast hypertrophy in the adolescent population can have significant long-term medical and psychological impacts. Although symptoms can be severe, many plastic surgeons, pediatricians, and parents are often reluctant to surgically treat adolescent macromastia. However, reduction mammoplasty is a safe and effective treatment and may be the only Cited by: 13.

What the Meaning for This Procedures Bilateral Breast Hypertrophy (611.1) N Bilateral Breast Reduction? Mar 20, 2013 nenapassion8 orange county ny breast I am 38 d I weight 168 I am 5/5 I have 5 children. 4 Answers By Board Certified Doctors and Qualified Medical Professionals MOST RECENT. A: Bilateral Breast Hypertrophy. Thank you for the.

Breast hypertrophy is a medical term for abnormally excessive and rapid breast growth. There are a variety of hypertrophy conditions which can affect woman at various times in their lives. Hypertrophy can affect both breasts equally or only one breast, causing severe asymmetry issues.