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Featured Forum Posts. Get those hems up girls and live forever! (11 likes) This caught my eye during the week: A study overseas, reported in The Guardian, found that “Optimism may hold the secret to longer life”. This is no surprise to me at all and it is something we all need to take on board as a matter of urgency! Transgender Radio.

The Trump administration has alarmed transgender students and their families, according to the advocacy group Stand with Trans. The group is looking to update the Michigan transgender community and educators at an informational session on Wednesday night about transgender students' rights at schools in Michigan.

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Transition Radio TV 31 Trans History and Beyond 2013. Your Hostess Jessica Lynn Cummings is Marks fiance she was born biologically a male and has spent 30+ years living a lie. She came out as transgender in 2008 to friends, family, and co-workers although still living as a male everyone now new the truth of who she really was.

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