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I was assessed for dyslexia when I was 8 and then again at 17. It’s nice to know that someone is finally interested in helping adults with dyslexia. I understand that most programs are geared towards kids with dyslexia because they need to catch it early on, but adults need help too!

Many adults, particularly those whose dyslexia was recognized early in life, say that if they had a choice, they would choose to keep their dyslexia because they see the advantages it gives them. For those whose dyslexia was acknowledged later on, there are plenty .

I am often asked how to assist an older student or adult who has slipped through the education cracks and now needs to catch up on their literacy skills. This multi-sensory program is the perfect solution. It is fast, effective and only takes 2-3 weeks before results are evident and.

If your child has dyslexia, a few different treatments can improve his ability to read and write. These programs also help kids catch up to their peers in school. The younger children are when.

Ann was having trouble at school because of her dyslexia. Although she was 14, her tests indicated she was reading at an elementary level. However, with a little hard work and IM training, Ann has brought her scores up by almost two years in accuracy and fluency, and a whopping seven years in comprehension.