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The XVII International Chopin Piano Competition was held in Warsaw, Poland on April 13–24, 2015 (preliminary round) and October 1–23, 2015 (main competition and concerts). Prize winners' concerts were on October 21–23, 2015. Seong-Jin Cho of South Korea won the competition.

The International Chopin Piano Competition (Polish: Międzynarodowy Konkurs Pianistyczny im. Fryderyka Chopina), often referred to as the Chopin Competition, is a piano competition held in Warsaw, Poland. It was initiated in 1927 and has been held every five years since 1955.

First Adult Amateur Competition October 23rd, 2004 St. Thomas University In October 2004, the Chopin Society of Houston, inspired by the Van Cliburn Amateur Pianist Competition, organized the first Chopin Competition for the Adult Amateur Pianists. It was a very inspiring and joyful event, open to non-professional pianists over the age 27.

The Chopin Society of Houston organizes Chopin Competitions for Adult Amateurs every other year. The event is inspired by the Van Cliburn Amateur Pianist Competition. The adult amateur pianists are a profound inspiration for younger students proving that piano playing is .

The Canadian Chopin Piano Competition takes place every five years, in conjunction with the International F. Chopin Piano Competition held in Warsaw, Poland. The competition is open to Canadian pianists, and there are two divisions; Junior and Senior.