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2013 Louisville Slugger EXOGRID 3 -3 2 5/8" BBCOR Baseball Bat BB13EX | JustBats.com cb7x exo grid adult baseball bat

Both the Louisville Slugger EXOGRID 3 BBCOR Baseball Bat (BB13EX) and the 2014 Easton S1 BBCOR Baseball Bat (BB14S1) would be good options. The preference would be decided based on which style of bat you prefer. The S1 is a two-piece composite design that will flex more and have more of a thud or a crack sound to it.4.5/5(90).

Louisville Slugger TPX EXOGRID 2 BBCOR -3 Adult Baseball Bat: BB12EX2 The Z1000 is more balanced, and the Exo Grid is a little more end loaded. Feel free to call us to further discuss your options Bodie. if you get the Bat Pack Louisville Slugger TPX EXOGRID 2 BBCOR: BB12EX2 Adult 2-Pack you will get two bats. 4.2/5(112).

* NEW LOUISVILLE CB7X EXO GRID ADULT BASEBALL BAT 32/29. Pricing & History. Louisville Slugger Exo Grid -3 Baseball Bat. Louisville Slugger TPX Baseball Bat TPXYXL 32 IN. 27 OZ. Louisville Slugger EXO GRID 32/29 & Demarini D243 Bats. Louisville Slugger TPX EXO Grid 31in 19.5oz. More Items From eBay.

Louisville Slugger Exogrid 3 BB13EX Adult BBCOR Baseball Bat - New for 2013 The innovative Exogrid® delivers power and performance through stiffness and strength. The combination of one-piece construction and carbon composite inserts for handle stiffness has made this bat a choice of champions throughout the country.

Apr 15, 2013 · TPX Louisville Slugger SL12EX25 -5 EXOGRID 2 transition bat. The Heart of the Game is in the crack of the Bat and the Heart of the Exogrid is the internal carbon composite sleeve that provides the stiffest handle on the market (20% stiffer than competitors).5/5(2).