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The Basics of Adult Learning adult music learning

SSC's Adult Learning initiative offers a full range of arts experiences – concerts, group classes, private lessons, and performance opportunities – designed to challenge adult minds, stimulate creativity and build vibrant social connections. Welcome to this community of active, joyful learners!

Jan 22, 2014 · I took music lessons as a child and learned the musical alphabet. Now, 50 years later, I sat down at the piano and decided that I want to play this instrument. I found the Alfred’s basic Adult Piano Course and started learning on my own. Then I found WOW. I was amazed that this comprehensive online learning program.

The Weekend Warriors program is a national recreational music making initiative that encourages adult music lovers to make the jump to being music makers. Participants learn how to play music from a professional musician who coaches the group through five to .

8 Reasons You’ll Never Regret Taking Adult Music Lessons. Posted: February 13, 2019 Reading Time: 4 minutes. Many folks take adult music lessons because they’re retired and have more time on their hands. That’s a great reason, but you don’t need all the time in the world to invest in .

Adult learners have a different approach to learning. By the time you reach adulthood, you’re most likely responsible for your own success and you’re perfectly capable of making your own decisions once you have the information you need.