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Jul 01, 2013 · New hope for adults with amblyopia (lazy eye) Professor Robert F. Hess is the Director of Research at the Department of Ophthalmology, McGill University, Canada, and founding Director of the 4.1/5(51).

Dr Patch > Eye Treatments > Amblyopia cure for adults: Researchers Offers Hope. Amblyopia cure for adults: Researchers Offers Hope. Is there an amblyopia cure for adults? There appears to be hope on the horizon. a vision disorder colloquially known as “lazy eye,” can be temporarily reversed in adults. Until now, the condition was.

Evidence-Based Peer-reviewed Scientific Research Shows that Amblyopia or Lazy Eye Can be Successfully Treated in Older Children and Adults by Susan R. Barry, Ph.D., professor of neurobiology in Biological Sciences at Mount Holyoke College and the author of Fixing My Gaze (June, 2009) and Rachel Cooper of Optometrists Network New Scientific Research Contradicts Popular Beliefs and Mainstream.

How to Fix a Lazy Eye in Adults: Treatment. Amblyopia (lazy eye) in adults can be treated through three approaches. Note that one or all of these may be required. Ultimately, it will depend upon the individual diagnosis. Vision therapy. Vision therapy is a series of exercises and activities that help a person improve their visual skills. In the.

Adult Amblyopia Treatment. Treatment options for adults with amblyopia isn’t magic. It is real and based on science. For decades there has been a belief among eye doctors that if a patient had amblyopia (AKA “lazy eye”), it was untreatable after childhood.