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Helen Keller Jokes. How did Helen keller’s mom punish her? She put her in a circular room and told her to find the corner.

Helen Keller Jokes Q: What is Helen Keller's favorite color? A1: Corduroy. A2: Velcro. Q. Why is all of Helen Keller's face burnt? A. She was bobbing for french fries. Q: How did Helen Keller burn the side of her face? A: She answer the iron. Q: How did she burn the other side of her face? A: They called back. Q: Why was Helen Keller's leg wet?

The Best Helen Keller Jokes Continue Below; How does Helen Keller drive? One hand on the wheel and one hand on the road! What do you call Stevie Wonder and Helen Keller playing tennis? Eternal love. What did Helen Kellers parents do to punish her? Put saran wrap on the toilet; Why is it okay to tell Helen Keller jokes? Because she cant hear.

Call me Helen Keller.. Im blind & deaf to my haters Shoosh girl, shut your lips. do the Helen Keller and talk with your hips! Tony Romo is about as accurate as Helen Keller playing pin the tail on the donkey WITH a blindfold on. If Helen Keller were alone in a forest and fell down, would she make a sound? Roses are black, violets are black.

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