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Aug 26, 2015 · leg and foot issues in adult birds I will cover the most common of ailments and issues that afflict adult chickens legs and feet here. Keep in mind that some of the topics in the "Chicks" section above may be helpful to you as well.5/5(11).

Chicken legs are stuffed -just under the skin -with a buttery dressing that features fresh garlic, parsley, bread crumbs and other tasty ingredients. Then the legs are slathered with a curry and garlic butter and grilled to perfection.

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Many different types of birds can suffer from a condition commonly known as splayed legs or spraddle. If your bird is suffering from splayed legs, he will be unable to stand up straight on his legs because his legs will go out to the sides of his body. Birds with severely splayed legs .

One thing that seems to help with splayed legs is to support the legs in a natural position using a homemade brace. Eventually the legs will be strong enough to support the chick without the need of the support from a brace. How to fix Splayed leg (or spraddle leg): Small elastic hair tie or rubber band, roughly 1 1/2 inches when pinched flat.