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2009's Funniest Adult Halloween Costumes 2009 adult halloween costumes

Halloween is just around the corner for those of us who want our choice of the best, or in this case, funniest adult costumes. And 2009 does not disappoint when it comes to funny. I've chosen just 10 funniest from a crowded field -- this year with award categories such as Biggest Perv, Not Just.

When it comes to Halloween costumes, vampires, princesses, police officers and pirates are in, while politicians, nurses and Batman are out. Once again, witches take the top spot for adult costumes.

May 25, 2011 · Halloween Costumes 2009: 15 Funny Ideas! (PHOTOS) By Alex Leo. It's October and you know what that means: Time to start stressing out about what to wear for Halloween this year. 2009 has been eventful, and while many of your friends may be dressing as dead celebrities, you want to use the news be funny, silly and smart all at the same time Author: Alex Leo.

Mar 31, 2009 · In fact, Halloween has a special meaning for adults who believe in having a strong style statement. To add more punk, there are so many different kinds of sexy costumes that can give you the time of your life. For adults Halloween costumes, dresses can be created on modified demand to add more glamour and the eventual glow.

Adult Group Costumes. Delve into this Halloween with numbers on your side when you and your friends coordinate a group costume theme. If you all just can't stop talking and speculating about the end of Marvel's Infinity War, hit the Halloween scene as the entire Avengers team, and you've assembled a group that is ready to captivate any party, club, or bar.4.7/5(6).